Curriculum Vitae

Kyriakos Chatzimichailides

He was born in Thessalonica in 1963.



He has attended seminars on Stanislavsky’s system of hypocritical in Greek-American Union, Seminars of Photography in the same faculty as well as seminars of script and Seminars of Information technology and computing.
He has most excellent knowledge of computing.


* 1996 - 1999 During that period he served as Member, Secretary and Chairman of the Board of “mikro” association, an institution for the promotion of short films.

* He has worked in many short films as a production manager and producer (most of them was Greek Film Centre’s and ET1’s productions). Indicatively:

* He has been involved in tens of Greek short films (either collaborations or providing assistance)


* He and his companhy t-shOrt have distributed more than 250 short films in the cinemas and tv chanels and over 500 online, so far.

* He wrote the document "The fragility of the artist" for the catalogue of the exhibition "Fragility" by George Cherionis, at the Archaeological Museum of Patras (2016)

* He and his company t-shOrt planned and implemented S.E.T. (Short European Trip) - Greek short film screenings abroad. First SET’s event was held in Brussels in February 2016. SET was held again in Brussels in February 2017 for three days.

* Parcours – An evening full of Greek short films screenings in Paris about immigration in February 2017 (24/2/2017) co-organized with Centre Culturel Hellenique. 

* He and his company t-shOrt were the only representatives of Greece in European film festival in Tehran (29/10/2017-6/11/2017)

* He created the photo series "The Night and Tomorrow", participating in the International Coronal Calendar (2020)

* He is a film tutor for Olivepress - Art Factory at Dromonero, Chania, Crete

* Since 2017, he is organizing, with his company t-shOrt, the BigBang International Short Film Festival being its artistic director

* He curated the tribute to Antonis Samarakis with screenings of eight (8) short films inspired by the work of the great prose writer, at the cinemas ASTOR & ANDORA (12/2021)

* He undertook the production of the play "Medea" directed by Katia Gerou, which was presented at the Anesis Theater - Small Stage and in selected provincial theaters.

* He has written two theatrical plays: «Starting again from scratch» and in co-writing with Fotis Vlastos the play «Me and My Death», which is an adaption of the titular book written by Alexandros Velios

* He gives seminars of script - direction - teaching of actors and production of cinema. 

* Over the last twenty years he has been teaching cinema in several cinema schools and since 2020 he is a professor at one of the biggest Greek cinema schools.


Since 2000, he has been continuously teaching cinematography courses and completing series of seminars on the following topics:

1. Film Direction,
2. Film Script,
3. The Film Production as we should know it
4. Acting in Camera,
5. Video Art based on the video art series "BREATHINGS". The seminar includes acting as well as recitation guidance.
6. Dubbing, Play Back, Performance, Acting, Fun and particularly useful seminar based on the song "To Poulaki Tsiou"

  • Film lessons at the "Iasmos" Drama School
  • Screenwriting Seminars at Mikro Polytechnio
  • Film production seminars at the Micro Polytechnio
  • Actor teaching seminars at Mikro Polytechnio
  • Film seminar in the framework of the short film festival in Cyprus
  • "Acting on camera" seminar at the Theater of Changes
  • Seminars at the Kalamata Festival
  • Since 2019 he has been teaching in the framework of the studies of S.A.E.
  • etc.


In December 2000 he founded the Non-profit Civic Company t-shOrt. Its main object is the cinematographic short film and additionally all small artistic events. Moreover t-shOrt has successfully distributed tens of short films at cinemas.

You can see more information about the company, details and photo at the site:

He prepares his next short film and the screenplay for his first feature film.