Curriculum Vitae

Kyriakos Chatzimichailides

He was born in Thessalonica in 1963.



He has attended seminars on Stanislavsky’s system of hypocritical in Greek-American Union, Seminars of Photography in the same faculty as well as seminars of script and Seminars of Information technology and computing.
He has most excellent knowledge of computing.


* 1996 - 1999 During that period he served as Member, Secretary and Chairman of the Board of “mikro” association, an institution for the promotion of short films.

* He worked in many short films as a production manager and producer (most of them was Greek Film Centre’s and ET1’s productions). Indicatively:

* He has been involved in tens of Greek short films (either collaborations or providing assistance)


* He planed and implemented S.E.T. (Short European Trip) - Greek short film screenings abroad. First SET’s event was held in Brussels in February 2016. SET was held again in Brussels in February 2017 for three days.

* Parcours – An evening full of Greek short films screenings in Paris about immigration in February 2017 (24/2/2017) co-organized with Centre Culturel Hellenique

He and his company t-shOrt were the only representatives of Greece in European film festival in Tehran (29/10/2017-6/11/2017)

* He is also a film tutor for Olivepress - Art Factory at Dromonero, Chania, Crete

* Since 2017, he is organizing, with his company t-shOrt, the BigBang International Short Film Festival and is its artistic director

* He gives seminars of script - direction - teaching of actors and production of cinema. 


In December 2000 he founded the Non-profit Civic Company t-shOrt. Its main object is the cinematographic short film and additionally all small artistic events. Moreover t-shOrt has successfully distributed tens of short films at cinemas.

You can see more information about the company, details and photo at the site:

He prepares the screenplay for his first feature film for the moment as well as four short film productions.