Men don't cry


Kyriakos Chatzimichailides


The unexpected visit of a bedraggled, homeless and sick young man at the home of a bank executive brings back images of the past and upsets his calm and orderly life in the most tragic way.

In the photo: Themistoklis Panou & Petros Lagoutis

Technical data

Short film / Format: 16mm - Blow up to 35mm - Video DV (scenes of Club) / Color with black & white scenes at the Club / Sound Optical - Dolby Surround (from Nagra) / Length: 17' / Approval Date Production January 2000 / Preparing production January 2001 / Filming May 2001 / Post production May-June 2001

Videos are disabled, asthe film has been leased by the English lgbtq + platformNQV Media,in order to be part of the "The Male Gaze: Celluloid Dreams" collection.