Angelos’ anger and compulsionto validate his beliefs, lead to the loss of his friends in a series of phone calls. The spark is apunctured tire, which he attributes to an organized profit maximization scheme of the local repair shop. Triggered by this incident, he unfolds his views on the phone to his friends about various conspiracies that he believes in and which plague the world, bringing him into conflict with the rational views of his friends.

From the solidarity fund that Greece has allegedly accumulated to the chemtrails conspiracy, and from the existence of the Reptilians and the Hollow Earth theoryto the visits of extraterrestrial civilizations on Mount Penteli,Angelos also reveals his pagan devotion to the Dodecatheon and his devoutness to the supremacy of the Hellene as a god-sent species bySirius.

Everybody believes that he's irrational which is quite true. But, are all he thinks totally irrational?