Men don't cry


Brief summary

A stormy winter morning, a soggy from the rain young man, Elias, invades at in Peter's house. Elias seems to be severe ill and his quarrelsome behavior not only raises Peter's concerns, but also brings him memories of their meeting in a Gay Bar, three years ago.

Later on, Elias uses drugs in toilet causing Peter's worry. He offers money to Elias and asks him to go away. Elias behaves as if he has already been found a refuge and he begs Peter to accommodate him, projecting his inability to survive as he is homeless. Peter refuses and Elias confesses that he didn't serve in the army, because the blood test he took, proved him as a carrier of the "worst" virus. Peter is in panic and strongly asks Elias to leave.

Elias becomes furious with Peter's cruelty and they intensively quarrel. Elijah threatens Peter with the contaminated syringe that he had used in the toilet. Peter resists. After a while Elias reveals that it was Reter himself who imparted the disease to him, when he lured Elias in a Gay Bar's toilet, three years ago. Peter is shocked, and although his memories confirm Elias story, he refuses to accept the truth and calls the police. In order to prevent him Elias is forced to injure him in the head.

Shortly thereafter Peter, overwhelmed by the knowledge of his latent yet illness, stoically accepts the situation and leaves himself at Elias's care. They are an odd heartbroken couple, who will dare to overcome disease's nightmare as long as they have awareness, compassion and as much humanity as they have left.