The jaws of death


Brief synopsis

Even Death, can divert from his serious mission to collect a soul in order to fall in love. When he meets a very beautiful woman, who represents life, the soul takes life extension and the dying man miraculously survives.

Dialog list

- Chemical plant on fire? Ok. I’ll send 4234.
- Labor accident in Eleusis? I’ll transmit it right away.
- 5436 is on his way!
- Trolley crushed into bus at Haidari. Seven injured. Who will go get them?
- Order 4416.
- Bomb attack in central Athens. 5519 and 1543 get going!
- Fire on a cruise ship in Thessaloniki. It’s an assignment for 3336.
- The strikers’ rally on Syntagma Square begins in an hour.
There’s order for 4546, 4667 and rookie 9992.
- It’s urgent.
- Accident at the 20th kilometer of the National Highway. Patient in coma at Evangelismos hospital.
- It’s urgent indeed. Send it to the Chief.
- Accident at the 20th kilometer of the National Highway. Now!
- Notify the relatives.
- Send 7373 to pick him up.
He should make sure we won’t miss the deadline.
At 22:00H pm sharp!
- When’s the deadline?
- At 22:00H pm sharp!
In 6 hours and 59 minutes, to be more precise.
You go! Go!
- 7373 on the way.
- It will be a difficult operation. If he gets through the critical next seven hours he stands a chance.
- Doctor! It’s strange but he’s coming out of the coma…
- Hey man, what are you doing out here in the wildeness?
- Thanks!
- Take care.
- We’ll do our best. He’s still not completely safe, but he’s showing an unexpected improvement.
- Strike!
- It’s a national one, Sir.
- And there is no train?
- Sure there is. At 22:00H pm … run by requisitioned staff.
- Hey! How’s it going? Ok?
- That’s how it’s going!
- Ah, I am done.
- See you when you get back then?
- Ok.
- Why don’t you ask someone at the village…? You might find a solution.
- Ok! Goodbye!
- You’re out of luck. A lady asked me the way to Athens 5 min ago.
- There’s a striking resemblance.
- You probably knew my twin sister…
Tragic really … so young… so talented… she’d made a great dancer you know…
Are you involved with dancing too?
- Who me? No!
- Pity you just missed her. She might have given you a ride.
- It’s ok. No worries. I’ll see what I’ll do. Thanks.
- Where are you heading?
- Athens.
- Heartbeat is slowing down, Doctor.
- Something’s wrong. Get electroshock ready.
- Why did we stop now? We’re so close to Athens!
- Come on, now! Just for a cup of coffee.
Seriously, are you in such a hurry?
- I have urgent business to attend to… while you don’t.
- I’ve got to get back soon too.
- Where are you from?
- I’m from far away. What about you?
- I’m from far away too.
- Shall we go then?
- God help us!
- You know… since I’m in a hurry… Of course I don’t know where you’re going…
- I’m going downtown to Evangelismos Hospital.
- Ôï Evangelismos?
- This is the most critical moment.
Administer 50mg nasertilin, 32mg jerotrikolimn.
- You’re so beautiful!
- We snatched him right from the jaws of death!