The killer of the highway


(Ïriginal Title : O dolofonos tis leoforou)

Two actors are doing improvisations based on Tassos Goudelis’ novel The Highway Killer, a text very loosely inspired by the classic “it’s all in his head” twist devised by Dostoïevski in The Double. The Highway Killer describes a person’s car ride on a highway and his relationship with a solitary (?) hitchhiker he picks up. As the news on the car radio warns of a killer who stalks the highway, the driver tells the other man that they look so much alike they could be doubles. He confesses that he has inherited a fear of the “double” from similar obsessions harboured by his father who was terrified by the idea that at some point and quite unexpectedly he would meet a literal facsimile of himself, that is to say the incarnation of Death. He adds that to avoid being unprepared for this meeting he goes constantly up and down the highway with his car hoping to avoid any such encounter.

The directors intervene in the action through their notes and the problems of form and action. The two actors have undertaken to analyse their roles, their thoughts regarding the novel as well as to register their own fantasies on the story in direct interviews.

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