Nion’s Shadow Puppeteer


Irina Boiko


George was born in Athens. When he was 4 years old, he saw a Karagiozi show for the first time in his life.
It was unforgettable for him. When he was 5 years old, his parents, who are bank employees, due to work, moved from Greece to Switzerland. When he was 10 years old, his father made him his first berde, and so he started playing Karagiozis's play for his friends in Switzerland. He is now 13 years old and lives in Nyon. He plays in English and French, in schools and theaters in Nyon. But George's big dream is to play in Crete, in Greek.
The life and dreams of the little shadow puppeteer in Switzerland, between two cultures, between two homelands. 

Technical data

Documentary, 4K, color, stereo, 74 min, 2022