Smashed out


Dimitris Nakos


In an allegory universe, a family’s house has been seized due to debts. They continue living without trying to find a solution, until all of a sudden the new owner arrives at the house. He offers them the temporary solution of living in the house all together, until they move out. It is a secretly degraded situation and everything is ready to be smashed out..

In the photo: Dimitris Imellos

Technical data

Short film / fiction / length 17΄/ Format: HDcam/ sound: DOLBY SR / colour / production 2013

* 3rd best greek film award at 6th Larissa International Film Festival/Artfools (2014)

* Gold Lion Award at 2014 Barcelona Film Festival

* Special Commendation Award at Ffvrnes Ffilm Ffest 2014.

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