Waiting room


The story takes place inside a state hospital white and no descriptive, full of cold colors and monotonous movement back and forth, where everyone wants to leave as fast as possible from those empty sick corridors
But inside one of these halls a strong and understanding relationship is forged.
Based on true events the story is about the warmth and the need for a second chance that all people deserve the need for human touch and a new beginning.

Dialogue list

- Come in.
- One stupid mistake is all it takes.
- What?
- Youíre here for your result, arenít you?
- None of your business
- I was the same. Didnít want anything to do with it. Not even when the results came back. I was married. We had a daughter, Zoe. We played family life... ...and I guess most of the time we were happy. Most of the time. One evening we had a fight...
...and I left, angry and frustrated. I ended up in a bar...
...and a girl from work was there. And, well, you can guess the rest. Funny thing is that I didnít even like her that much.
- So what? Is that supposed to make it better?
- Iím not making excuses. It was my fault. But I hardly think the punishment fit the crime.
- What crime? What happened?
- I didnít know. I didnít know I had it. It wasnít until a year later I found out. Actually, I wasnít the one that found out. My wife gave blood... and she came up HIV positive. I had spread it to my wife without even knowing. I thought she had been unfaithful. Then they tested me... and I was positive too. You wouldnít believe the self righteous bullshit coming out of my mouth then. Not only had she gotten HIV; she had infected me.
In the back of my mind I think I knew the truth... but I refused to admit it. My wife tried to work out how she got it... and it soon became obvious to her I was the most likely suspect. Zoe was five years old at the time...† and she watched as our little family crumbed to nothing. What does that do to a child?
- Sheíll be fine, as long as the parents donít use her as ammunition.
- I should know. I was only eight when my parents divorced.
- You seem sane enough.
- Yes.
- That was what happened wasnít it? You divorced?
- Yes. One day she just packed a few things... and took Zoe in the car. The next thing I heard from her was when I got the divorce papers. So there you have it. Divorced... ...with that... ..that thing inside me... and hardly any access to my daughter. My life ended that day.
- You old fool! What have you done to me? What have you done to me?
- I am so sorry, darling.
- Donít you darling me!
- Watch it. You can hurt someone with that.
- Who was it? ...Donít answer that, I donít care. Youíre at death's door... you have a bad heart... and you still canít keep your pants on.
- Iím sorry I...
- You donít get to apologize! I should have kicked you out a long time ago.
- Don't yell, we will talk about this at home... Weíre in a hospital. Everybody gonna hear us.
- Iíve got AIDS! Do you think I care? You Fool! You ask me, that woman who cut her husbandís penis off had the right idea...
- Why are you telling me all this?
- If you come back positive from the test... I donít want you to do what I did. It took me over a year to work out that life doesnít end with HIV.
- I wonít, I just...
- You donít know that. I thought AIDS was something other people got too. I think that was why it hit me so bad. I lost most of my friends. Not all, but most of them. And Iíve only barely managed to keep my job. But I do have a better relationship with my daughter than Iíve ever had. If it wasnít for her, I donít know what Iíd done.
- How long ago was it you found out you were positive?
- Ten months ago.
- Papadaki Maria?†††
- Thatís me.
- The doctor will see you now.
- Thanks.
- Good luck in there.
- Thanks.
- And remember.
- Whatever the outcome, life doesnít end.
- Look. I am just here for a checkup. Iím not here for any results.
- If you donít have anyone else to harass... do you want to catch up for a coffee?
- Iíd like that very much.